Motorcycle Apparel

Motorcycle accessories: the top 5 trends for this year

Bikes are liked by all in the world. But there has been an increase in the number of bike accidents in 2014. So to reduce this designers are coming up with latest technology. Where men are taken into account you can always expect tougher and faster rides which increases the requirement of high class protection. So to meet the latest need of the bikers designers have brought out several kinds of new products. Let us see the latest features of each of the gears.


Jackets are an important part of the motorcycle apparel used by the men. Due to the increase in the number accidents in this year the air bag jackets, similar to the air bags if the cars are becoming more in fashion. These are very helpful for the very high speed jackets and saves the rider and their chest and neck. Other trends in fashion are the racer jackets of bulls and scorpion prints on them. So the jackets have become reinforced and modern in design .The materials have also changed from all leather to mixed or synthetic. You are going to find this very handy really during crashes.


The gloves are the ones which protects the hands and the bones inside. So coming out of the traditional gloves which becomes very wet and slippery. New trends are seen in latest gloves which have armored padding. This padding can be made of titanium or steel. Short cuff gloves are becoming a fashion. You are going to find the kangaroo leather ones, titanium knuckles, and with carbon fiber sliders.


Helmets are the motorcycle apparel that are considered barrier between life and death. These are protection when you are in serious need of them. There are airy ones for keeping the head dry and cool. You also have soaking material on the inner parts to soak the sweat. Now the outer ones are now made up of plastics that bends on get fractured to absorb the crash impact. The inner part is softer and thicker to protect the head and keep it intact. The sun visors are made up of very tough material, such that they even don’t break after testing with steel balls at 100mph.

To come out of the box a new helmet has been introduced which have rear and front view camera,gps tracking and Bluetooth connectivity, this helmet can be used to transmit video from the two cameras through internet.


Boots are very important motorcycle apparel used. They are used to protect the toes. They are now becoming lighter and stronger. This is the major technology improvement by most of the designers. Textile material is used to reinforce the boots. They are made waterproof and airy so that they become more comfortable. They are made with thick soles and hard leather to protect them during the crashes.


In the backpack zone designers are going for the “shrink and pink “fashion taking the women into account. They are making the backpacks shorter and nearer to the handbags which make them lighter and easier to carry and use. Thus this was the best of the innovations this season for women.

These were the top improvements in the different sections of the motorcycle apparel that makes them really new to the buyers and lighter and safer one. So move in the market and see them in action in the market.