Motorcycle Gear For Men

The mens biker gears and changing trends of this season- The 4 must have accessories

Motorcycles are something used by majority of the folks. Some for need and some for style. That simply means you require some accessories to ride the motorcycle. As compared to cars motor bikes are more venerable to accidents. Generally people riding for fun and style prefer lighter and stylish accessories which may not be very much safer but look good on the bikers. They are thinner and lighter and only for small distance bikers. Whereas the professionals who takes protection first love the bulky accessories with thick leather or material for safety. So here are the must have gears and accessories for any biker.


Helmet is the most important motorcycle gear for men as well as women. They protect the head and in case of emergency they become very handy. They can save your head getting into pieces. There are many cases on the highways where helmet has saved life of the riders. Latest helmets comes with removable inner linings which helps to remove the smell after extensive usage. Now helmets come with heady duty materials and equipment which can resist huge amount of pressure during accidents. The sun visor comes up with anti-reflection materials for better riding at the nights.


Another important motorcycle gear for men is the jackets. They save the riders body. Latest jackets include really thick leather material for colder regions and has very high durability. Some jackets has come up with prolific material lining making this really warmer and becomes very light for the summers. Latest material include breathable mesh material and provides several pockets for the placements of armor plates.


You are a bike rider and have to ride bikes for hours to reach your destination. You have to manage the asphalt underneath, the battering debris from both sides and the hot engine exhaust pipe. Do you think this can be managed with normal shoes or boots? No, for this manufacturers has brought out reinforced boot of hard leather to protect you. They come up with thick soles and long neck, to make you feel comfortable in adjusting the gears and brakes. They are now stylish and come up in red, black and mixed colors which you will love to wear. Some of them are made up of synthetic material which will make them more waterproof and heat resistance.


In cold weather when your hands can get stuck, you are riding the motorcycle. Here the gloves becomes lifesaving. They also protect your hands from flying debris. They provide better grip and comfort. Latest gloves comes with thin kangaroo leather for the vibration absorption. They have titanium plates at the knuckles for safety.


As of jackets pants also must be very durable. You may think why? But just imagine a high speed ride and then a accident. Then who is going to protect your butt. Of course for this kind of conditions pants must be durable and strong. Nowadays single unit jacket with pant comes which has no fear of getting off during emergency. This makes you safer.


It is one of the most important motorcycle gear for men. Imagine a condition when you are at a very high speed and some small particles goes into your eyes. Of course this may be fatal. To prevent this several eye gears are available, which are sun resistant,water-resistant and very strong to stop small particles. They are anti-reflection for driving at night.

So we already come up with the conclusion that the gears are really important and you need to have them whenever riding the motorcycle for your safety.