Motorcycle Gear

The new innovations used in motorcycle gear this season: The top 5 know hows

Gear is a delicate matter. Though it is your guarantee of safety, but often it increases the chances to get into an accident. It is more difficult to drive your bike when there are huge heavy motorcycle boots on your feet. And gloves with all sorts of protective inserts on your hands, because of which it is simply unreal to maneuver in city traffic. The conclusion is that you should pay attention to the driving comfort, and select convenient equipment. The only things that should always wear when you drive is helmet and vest.

In 2015 new collections of motorcycle gear present the perfect balance between beauty and efficiency. The harmonious blend of style, utility of use and durability of motorcycle apparel attracted many fans of this garment. Besides in a new collection already existing details were modified, and completely new appeared. For example, watertight equipment Cover All. This apparel is not just waterproof, it also consists of special materials that allow your body to breathe. Thanks to it this motorcycle gear can be easily worn over your casual clothes.

Did you like such outfit? Then you'll probably love the continuation of the collection - Airflow and Trailguard costumes. If you are traveling on a hot area, you need a summer version -Airflow. And if you like to travel on your motorcycle, the perfect travel outfit for you would be Trailguard. If you have already chosen the clothes, make sure you've got the helmet. Super safe ENDURO Carbon made of carbon fiber, covered and equipped with double visor sun visor, is a perfect solution for you.

If you want the best protection for yourself, you should definitely have a neck protector, which guarantees maximum safety. It is called Neck Brace System. A rider jacket is designed to improve your safety. All models are carefully worked out by designers, and in addition to the necessary things you can choose from a wide selection of accessories the ones that are right for you. Neck protection was invented recently, but has already established itself as a very useful motorcycle gear. It is recommend the use of this universal protection, especially in those cases where the rising speed is high and falling becomes harder.

Also among the new products is motocross armor Fox Proframe LC Roost Deflector.

Slim and stylish body protection Fox Proframe LC is designed to protect your body when riding on a motocross bike. This is the only protection in such class, which guarantees you 100% compatibility with neck protection LEATT BRACE. Integrated fasteners reduce the overall security profile, making driving in it even more comfortable:

- Low profile body protection compatible with the protection of the neck

- Adjustable straps on the shoulders for a precise fit

- Simple system buckles, integrated into the chest plate

- Removable back plate, allowing only wear protection for the chest

- Back plate with two variants of adjustment for a perfect fit

- Soft synthetic foam finish for greater comfort

New Short waterproof motorcycle boots for street riding and everyday walk Alpinestars were presented in the autumn collection 2014.

SIERRA GORE-TEX XCR Boots continue the popular line of Alpinestars Tech 2, but with an emphasis on all-weather riding: internal "shoe" of the membrane Gore-Tex, which does not let the moisture inside, but "breathe outside"; External shoe is made of microfiber synthetic leather and special wear-resistant rubber. Motorcycle boots have a rigid form and belong to the type of "hard-wearing" shoes, they have hard nose and soles and do not lose their shape and do not allow to wring the joint.

On both sides of the ankle joint is protected by powerful polyurethane inserts. The ankle is protected by a frame, but the inside of the shoe is flexible, which provides mobility and comfort. It is assumed that these motorcycle boots will be worn together with all-weather pants with an extra stiff knee and ankle protection. The model will be launched in 4 colors: gray, brown, black and sky blue.

Hereby fans of riding a motorcycle don't even pay attention to the temperature. That's because they put underwear - special apparel that retain body heat. It is an excellent solution not only for motorcyclists, but humanity as a whole if you do not want to freeze in the winter, or look like a snowman wearing three pairs of pants or five jackets. Protective shorts are necessary to protect the hips and tailbone, as some pants do not have such protection. The main criteria is convenience and good ventilation.