Motorcycle Jackets

How to be safe in a biker jacket: the safety essentials and tips

Motorcycle gear is a very important choice. This is your guarantee of safety, but very often it increases the chances to get into an accident. It is more difficult to drive your bike when you are wearing thick costume, huge heavy motorcycle boots on your feet, and gloves with all sorts of protective inserts on your hands, because of which it is simply unreal to maneuver in a city traffic. The conclusion is that you should pay attention to the driving comfort, and select convenient equipment in order to be safe.


Choosing the right material is an important first step when buying motorcycle jackets. We hope that the following information will assist you in the selection.

Materials are divided into textiles and leather. We can say that each bike has its own special motorcycle gear. From the standpoint of the usage of motorcycle jackets can be divided into road and enduro / motocross, in turn, road are divided into road racing and travel motorcycles, and enduro / motocross - are divided into the road, enduro and MX-motocross.

Leather benefits are the following: the increased safety during the fall, it is more convenient at high speeds.

Advantages of textiles: usually waterproof, lighter, can be worn in cold weather thanks to detachable termobacking.

We recommend you to make a choice based on the following criteria:

 • Love to travel and enjoy driving long distances, need flexibility and do not want to sacrifice safety? Then choose textiles.

 • For sports, travel, Naked / sports bikes the most suitable would be leather motorcycle clothing because it provides greater safety in the fall, with much better characteristics to abrasion and is protecting more reliable than textiles. Leather clothing is suitable for riding at high speeds.

Textile is usually waterproof, much easier to wear at low speeds, can be worn in cold weather thanks to removable backing, versatile, as it can be worn while walking.

For travel / road enduro motorcycles more convenient is textiles, for the following reasons: Textile motorcycle apparel allows you to move freely, which is very important for a ride on enduro motorcycle. As a rule, textile is waterproof, much easier at low speeds, not heavy, and it is possible to wear it in a cold weather thanks to the detachable backing. To ride MX-motocross / enduro what you need is flexible, lightweight and durable materials, comfortable cut. Therefore, again, the choice falls on a light textile motorcycle clothes and protectors.

What is necessary to remember, when you buy a biker jacket:

- Make sure that the sleeve are long enough to sit on a motorcycle;

- You need to check whether the jacket is enough free at the shoulders to maneuver safe in it;

- Then fasten the jacket in the zone of waist and hips, while it should not fit too tight and be maximum convenient;

- It is necessary to pay attention to the material from which a jacket is sewn, it should not sag, because in this case there would be the pleats that will fluctuate when driving a motorcycle;

- Need to check the correct position or the backing;

- Check the existence of the details that are necessary for you personally (ventilation, pockets, etc.);

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