Red Motorcycle Jacket

The fresh ideas of biker jackets this season - The new choices you have this season

It would not be very accurate to say that leather biker jackets are in fashion this season as it is always trendy and never really out of style. A leather jacket inserts an immediate edge to any ensemble, even the daintiest fancy dress. You need not be a rock star, biker, gangster, Goth or a fan of heavy metal to wear leather jackets. They are quintessential for anyone who wishes to add a fashionable twist to their style - and is crucial for followers of haute couture!

A good biker jacket matches nicely with almost everything in one’s closet. It pairs up beautifully with denim pieces, and gets along just as well with girly chiffons, laces and frills. But like most trendsetters’ wardrobe, it is chic to seasonally modernize how you fashion the articles of clothing; otherwise you run the risk of appearing out of date.

Chic jackets are hot this season! The predominant colors of this season are black, monochrome or anthracite. Silver, nude and graceful winter pastels are all trendy as well. But the most in fashion this season is the red motorcycle jacket. Female leather jackets are currently trending in butter soft materials of matte or shimmery finish. Athletic leather parkas are also undergoing revival, as are padded leather jackets with belts. The latest metallic finish offers an additional bling, while ones with a waxy finish provide a more classic look.

A good black jacket will always be in fashion as it is magnificently adaptable. This versatile piece of clothing will add polish and a hint of freshness to virtually every outfit. Pair it up with a t-shirt and jeans for a traditional informal look or dress it up with a blouse and a skirt for a more stylish wear for the office or for going out in the evening.

The “it” coat for this season is the red motorcycle jacket. This stylish jacket with sharp lines, a broad lapel and an asymmetrical zipper is the jacket of every fashionista’s dream for this season. The length should be one that pairs nicely with both skirts and trousers.

For women with a big bottom (broad and rounded hips, thighs and butt; also called the pear-shaped body) a cropped or short leather jacket will compliment your body shape. Keep away from hip-length jackets as they will emphasize your curves, unless you would like to highlight those features.

For women with a broader/fuller upper body (an upturned triangle-shape with broad shoulders or an apple-shape with full midriff) a shorter hemmed jacket can be helpful in creating curves at the bottom to offset your prominent upper body.

For women with a straight figure (the rectangle-shaped body) the more details there are the better. This produces dimensions on your structure. Decide on details such as buckles, zippers and studs (but definitely not all at once!).

For women with a heavier top and bottom with a narrow midriff (the hourglass body shape) it is regarded as the most perfect body shape as a lot of styles appear to complement it. You should choose a jacket based on what you want to play down and what you wish to highlight. If you desire to appear more slender in general then black and dark brown jackets with strong perpendicular details such as zippers will work nicely. You can wear a shorter style to flaunt your curves. Wearing a complementary bottom color with the jacket aids in simplifying your body shape, making you appear leaner and taller, but showing off your hips at the same time.