Womens Motorcycle Gear

What's new in women biker apparels this season- The accessories which made new trends

Biker jacket means a shorter jacket of thick leather. There are highly zipped and stronger to protect from high speed crashes. Now talking about women’s fashion, they change every day. Not considering the everyday changes if we consider each year, then the last year’s dresses become a real waste in terms of trends and fashion. Recent trend changes include the color changes from simple black to red, pink, blue and many other colors which females love to wear. Now at high speed biker’s accessories are first to consider the safety and then the fashion comes. So let us talk about the latest trends this year.


Womens motorcycle gear includes the backpack. Women generally look for trend, fashion and the comfort with security. The latest backpack is simply made on the basis of shrink and pink technology. Yes this means to reduce the size of bags to simply a handbag and which becomes easier to carry and use with the women favorite color pink. These are also found in several other colors like blue, black and red. But most popular is the pink one.


Properly strapped helmets are made compulsory by many governments for your safety. Only safety doesn’t apply here trends also matter. So to improve the design long nose helmets comes out. With variety in colors like deep blue and red you can get great scorpion and eagle icons and tattoos to make them really look cool. New helmets also include properties like soaking material inside to make the helmets less smelly and better ones are also include the airy property.


Women have always complained that in biker jackets their fashion trends are not taken into account. Each year same kind of simple jackets are brought into the market but not to make them unhappy this year real fashion jackets are in the markets. You can see several colors and not to make your figure disappear in the jackets they are not thinner and warmer the before. Some new synthetic materials are used to enhance the property and provide better security and comfort.


Boots are to protect your toes on the asphalt roads, on dirty roads and on the riversides. For better protection tougher kangaroo leather boots and some synthetic fibers used to manufacture the boots. New trends include the waterproof ones and the ones with thick soles. They are red and black to suit your style.


Pants are an important item in the women motorcycle gear. Earlier ladies had complaints about the pants being too thick and heavy to wear. But this year slimmer pants to expose the figure as well as stronger pants of durable leather and synthetic material so that they provide appropriate amount of safety to rider. They are of two kind single piece and two piece. Double ones may get off during crashes but the single ones remain intact in severe crashes.

Final words

With the increasing population of women riders which is growing exponentially the need of womens motorcycle gear is increasing day by day. The type of fashion is mixed with better safety than the men is must. The above stated are new in fashion and may be liked by you. So yours now.