Brown Leather Vest

Latest trends for this season in leather vests - The top 5 trends in designs and patterns

With a great increase in demand and trend, new design and pattern of leather vest brought very innovative look. Everyone loves leather vest, not only for good looks, but also gives the required protection from accident and keep warm. As the new pattern and design are coming forward to make the leather vest more healthy, the demand for stylish and trendy looking is also increasing. Among all the other color shade, brown leather vest is very popular among the fashion conscious world.

Both women and men desire stylish apparel that customized with new design. The leather vest is a timeless piece, it is worth to wear in this season especially. Its extremely modish and heavily durable, holds the ability to transform the basic attire to casuals that others take notice on it. With different pattern and design, leather vests gained huge demand and popularity frequently swaying a fashion ramp.

Fully lined moto vest:

The lined leather vest is very popular that has two front upper pockets. Trimmed leather piping armholes in the lined brown leather vest are a very trendy one. Long lasting lining with a mesh trimming gives a classic look to the wearers. Nowadays, Christian patches on the leather outwears becomes very fashions. The fully lined vest with patches are stylish one. This classic vest fits nicely over the arm hole and bust. It can be sewn lined, corduroy, twill, tapestry, etc. decorative zippers on the pockets gives a unique look to the vest.

Black strapped leather vest:

New trend also moves towards with a strap. Straps on the leather vest available in different styles that include single side strap, double side side and triple side strap. The triple side strap is something different than the other strap style, which has three adjustable straps on the side and can also easily worn with other jackets too. The vertical zip pockets and soft lining in this strapped leather vest is great to wear for parties and club too. The thick piping collar, armholes and waist gives you a tough look and fits this season especially.

Leather vest with chains:

It is the most innovative design in the vest fashion world. Chromed out sleeveless vest is metal is ideal for the flashy riders, entertainers as well as gives a cool look to all. The chains attached to the black and brown leather vest are a recommendable shade in this design. It also features with a zip front pocket, inside chest pockets, chrome hardware, decorative chrome chain wherever needed, sleeveless style, epaulets, flap lighter pockets and much more. Make you look very unique and stumble with the chain attached vest.

Rich shaded vest with lace:

Dark color is very apt for this season, in that the rich dark shaded vest with lace is very trendy one. The lace type leather vest comes in different designs that includes, lace in front, black side lace and side lace. Side lace is good to all. The lacing is adjustable type with a heavy duty antiqued hardware.

Bullet proof style vests:

The bulletproof model leather vest with a front zipper is a stylish one. Adjustable leather strap is available at shoulders, waist and chest to vary the dimensions. Inside zippered pockets with lining is very comfortable to wear special events. It is a perfect vest to wear over the jacket or alone. Customizable patch work on the leather vest is now trendy in these types of wardrobe too.