Womens Motorcycle Vest

Leather biker vests: The new trends in designs of this winter

Leather vest and black leather jackets are the main items of clothing for bikers. Sewn and trimmed of leather clothes has its own unique style, as most of the work is done manually. Biker style is for purely masculine gender, but the designers consider acceptable its use also in women's clothing.

Elements of the biker style for women is considered black leather jackets (or jacket made in this style), leather pants or shorts, gloves, belts, leather bags with fringe, rough shoes, boots, womens motorcycle vests. Very often leather vests and jackets are made of fine leather, synthetic leather, lacquered fabric and other materials that are not acceptable for men. Such vest has nothing to do with the black leather jackets, only the presence of oblique zipper. It is often worn over a light summer dress or a light flowing skirt. Colors of such vests may be very diverse, but mostly dominated by black trimmed with silver zippers, rivets and accessories.

Leather vests are also combined with pants or shorts, complemented by accessories in the form of chains, zippers and buckles. In terms of fashion this style is quite interesting, unusual and even attractive, but in terms of the use on the road in this environment motorcyclists concider it to be totally unacceptable.

Modernity against the classics

The vest is really quite complex in design piece of clothing, and it must fit perfectly. Worn on the inaccurate body vest can spoil the impression of the best look. The vest should be lose in the zone of the chest in order not to experience the discomfort riding the bike, and it should snug the waist enough.

At the present time, vest stepped beyond the measures of strict suits and became an independent garment attracting women by luxurious finish of leather, fur and other expensive materials. Womens motorcycle vest, worn over the can visually change the shapeof your body, making it look slimmer, drawing attention to the originality of its owner. Modern fashionable vest worn by men in everyday surroundings, allow him to play with coloring cell or extraordinary design buttons. Vest -is a favorite accessory of creative individuals who makes it their "trick" - and traditionally-warming and glamorous décor.

If the first vest certainly demanded a shirt, now it has become self-sufficient item of clothing. In the coming season almost any jacket can be put on without accompaniment: black leather by Lanvin, long silk by Givenchy, knitted by Christian Dior. Maison Martin Margiela showed itself as a maximalist, advised to wear a vest with another vest. Before long, to the knee or lower in women's wardrobe could be only outerwear like raincoat or dress. Now you can forget about this. Silk and leather jackets to the knees and longer are presented in the latest collection by Givenchy, as well as by Jil Sander.

Very popular in the season 2014-2015 are fur vests or coats with fur trim of collars and back. Some fashion houses have released luxurious over size motorcycle vests with natural dyed fur, while others prefer leather vest with numerous zips.

To achieve the desired result and a perfect look will help correctly chosen accessories, such as a black handbag, reptile skin boots and matching the colour hats. Traditional black leather vest is also in trend, but comes back the fashion of the 60th. Military details look particularly interesting in fashionable vests in this season.