Trends Of 2014- Leather Clothing's Are Back

2014 trends have brought us a dash of something old- leather clothing. Leather jackets, leather pants, leather shorts, leather dresses, even leather leggings filled the racks of every store.  I remember going to the mall to purchase a jacket and I not finding one without leather sleeves for days. It became practically impossible not to own something made from leather or leather imitation.

It came alongside with other trends such as biker boots, chain necklaces and bracelets, All Stars, plaid shirts. It looks like the whole world went crazy for some kind of rock style image.

The comeback of leather meant comeback of a leather jacket. You can find it in almost every color, with prints or studs and without them, long and short, in short, any kind you would like. But, they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t so practical. A leather jacket can be worn in almost all seasons, combined with boots or snickers, with elegant or casual outfit, and it really comes in handy if you somehow end up on a bike. They last for years and they are easy to maintain, so it really is not that much of a surprise they are so fashionable.

Then we have other pieces of garment. Leather pants have always been reserved for members of a rock band in my mind, or for those people who want to stand out for the price of looking a bit curious. So it wasn’t really clear to me who would buy all those pairs of them when I saw them in store. Not to mention that they look a little bit uncomfortable.  And I wasn’t entirely wrong. Leather pants stayed reserved for brave ones and celebrities, and something else became ultra popular among the rest- leather leggings. Much as a leather jacket, they can also be combined with everything, so you can both look informal and all dressed up, which is probably the reason of their popularity too. You could have some trouble with putting them on and taking them off, but other than that, they are great. Shorts and skirts are among my personal favorites. They are comfortable and with a cool top can make a killing combination. When it comes to leather dresses, they are mainly more elegant and stylish and not something you would chose as an everyday outfit.

But that is not all. Leather being an absolutely hit these season, you can find every piece of clothing made of other materials with some leather details. So there are shirts with leather collars, jumpers and cardigans with leather sleeves and jackets with leather pockets. You can easily find a winter coat which is made partially of wool and partially of leather.

So where did this trend come from? Leather has always been present on the runways and in haute couture and worn by celebrities and Hollywood stars. My guess is that when the whole biker girl image became popular, it found its way into the stores. Because of leather’s high fashion overtone and somewhat manifestation of luxury, it seems like it will stay this popular for quite some time. And as it has always been, it is every teenage girl’s dream to look like her role model and to wear the same clothes se does.