A2 Flight Jacket

The exclusive line of Flight jackets this season - the new collection and its trends

The history of the jacket "Pilot" began in 1917, when instead of raincoats US pilots dressed in warm jackets in leather jacket with large collar, tight clasp and lots of pockets. In 1926, the Royal Air Force pilots appeared in winter leather jacket made of sheepskin, which is still called IRWIN. The most popular models were: G-1, CWU-45, MA-1, B-3, B-15 and A-2 flight jacket.

Pilots of "Normandy-Neman" were wearing exactly such warm clothes during the World War II. This innovation has been a superbrand since its appearance and until its withdrawing from production in 1944. At the same time, in 1931 in America, a similar form for pilots of sheepskin was produced too, with one pocket and fur lapels, which received the name "Bomber".

Modern American and royal pilots dress in comfortable overalls. And iconic military jackets with the named pilot IRWIN-Bomber turned into fashionable global brands which only strengthen their position during many decades in the capricious world of fashion. Every year thousands of new versions are launched and appear on the market retaining the characteristics of classic models of 40-60-ies, but improved with new materials and details. The flight model is now sewn not only for a brutal man, but also for graceful women and kids, barely grown out of diapers.

Known in many countries pilot jacket started to be produce on an industrial scale in 1975, when the pilot Klayman realized his idea of reviving the military relic products. Four years later, there was the first demonstration, and today the American model of the flight jacket is very popular all over the world.

Military pilots got these model of jackets as a recognition of their skill and valor, eventually adding new stripes on sleeves. Recognized aces got "Bombers" with scarlet satin backing. Now these rarities are up to 5000$, and the current military pilot winter flights jacket are issued from goat leather, of lose cut, painted in dark brown color and sodden in flame impregnated retardants and without any stripes. Recently, fur flight jackets are complemented with lightweight nylon and abundance of different-sized pockets, stitching and other attributes of "military". For the top, backing and a warming layer the latest fabrics from specially treated polyamide fibers are used to make the product more rugged, waterproof, lightweight, and not susceptible to combustion.

Models and designs

On the civil fashion market bomber Jackets are presented in a huge number of models, but some of them are particularly popular:

• Model G-1 of pilot flying jacket (the first version of this model was created in 1935, modern products still have military emblems and badges, warm collar of Texas Mouton. This versionis sewn in New Jersey at a military factory Cockpit);

• Air Force flight jackets of Her Majesty (made of the highest quality sheepskin, the model of 1938, cuffs with zipper, all are finished with leather strips, lose silhouette and inner bag);

• Men's pilot Jacket B-15 (the prototype of the model 1944, cowhide with treatment of a deer, shoot with muton wide collar and quilted backing, exterior pockets with buttons and many internal pockets);

• Model Female (lamb leather, embroidery on the lining and outside gold and silver);

• Made in the style of the classic A-2 flight jacket (lamb leather, vintage, and lining the pockets of silk, leather epaulettes);

• Flight Leather Jacket B-3 (Classic supplemented with muton hood with fur coyote trim around the edge, the joints are covered with strips of leather, durable metal zipper).

Many young people in Europe and America dream to buy a pilot jacket, cross-linked to the legendary models, but having all the advantages of modern materials. Such products like bikers and hunters of all ages and body types, geologists and tourists, citizens and country dwellers. Brand-legend continues to live and to find new fans.