Shearling Coat

Warm, stylish and in trend- the top 5 must have shearling coat designs this Winter

Shearling coat is something which are really very costly. But keeping in mind that they would look the same twenty years down the lane then the cost-per-wear would get reduced to very low figures. They are made from lamb skin which is removed and tanned with the uniform wool still on it which gives one side an air trapping mechanism and insulation, and on the other side a real cozy feel. So there are two option, you take a chance and buy it or just admit that you can’t buy them. But before taking decision just see the top investment jackets which may astonish you and the market this season.

The fly, boy style

The earlier vintage jackets were loved by the pilots because of the waist length sheep skin which gave mobility, warmth and the comfort which others don’t get even nearer. They had open cockpit planes and were in deep trouble but these jackets gave them the comfort to make the pilots real heroes. This year they offer a luxurious spin in style which had become outdated in the last few years and also made a bang come back for the vintage collections.

Faux shearling coat

Faux shearling jackets are made up of synthetic material which is warmer and costs almost half the real shearling. This makes the very much popular among the youth. The everyday changes in fashion can be maintained by this jackets. Moreover many vegetarians don’t like to wear leather jackets on their body.

Drayford shearling coats

The dray ford leather shearling coat is one of the finest in the market. They are asymmetric and have biker zipped cuffs making them look modern. They have self-leather taped seams and a slim fit look which are very much liked the skinny men all over the world. They have a soft inner part and a really good shining outer part of the jacket making them a modern biker jacket type look. They don’t that irritating amount of pockets and zippers which makes them decent to wear. Can be wore by men with black or blue jeans but they are available widely in black color.

Men’s sheepskin coats

These sheep skin coat are made up of black sheep leather. They are designer jackets tailored with exquisite fox fur on the collar .They look more beautiful when they are folded until half of the jackets to make them display the inner fluffy thick wool or fur which makes them real modern in look. When talking about the colors they are black in outer part and brown in the inner. They have highly warm pockets and resin buttons which can be used to showoff to your friends and make them jealous.

Double breasted coats

This year’s theme is be long or go wrong. While the sports and punk fashion remain s steady but the double breasted jackets changed. They have become longer. The jackets of normal length have gone very off fashion this season which has itself become a fashion. They have been more in fashion even than the aviators which always ruled the trends. More over the military look have been more emphasized by the designers which makes them look really cool.