Shearling Jacket

The colors & new patterns of this season for shearling jackets: Whats popular this winter

Shearling means lamb skin and this means warmth. Shearling jacket are made up of lambskin, pelt or sheepskin after a process called shearing in which tanning of the leather is done with the wool not removed and to the extent that there is uniformity between the wool thickness and uniform feel and look. These Jackets are considered very luxurious because they are light weight and keep the body very warm which gives them their unique characters and thus they become costly. Not only are the comfort but also in the style they very unique. The lighter and stylish these jackets are, the more cost you have to pay for.

What’s new

All showcased material this year is coming softer, finer and better in touch. These are in demand this year by the women due to the fact that these types of outer wear provide more warmth due to the woolen part and thanks to the soft inner part made of lamb skin which makes them feel very comfortable and easy to move around.

New designs

This year designers have come out with several great designs which you can’t resist. You have the folded collar ones, on-seam pocketing designs with several accessories and details, you also have the heavy zipped ones which are inspired by the biker jackets. So you get the look of bike jackets in shearling jacket, which is really new for this year’s market.

You have really new brown colored, soft and cozy jackets with clinch belts to provide fit according to your wish. You have really wonderful black ones having zipped look. You may find really classic Moto jackets inspired shearling jacket. For the first time in the market you are going to see sleeveless and open front jackets which are really cool and provide modern look to the owner. You are really going to love these.

New colors

Traditional shearling jackets don’t too many options in colors. Most common being the black, brown or the grey once due to the fact that sheep and lambs are not colorful originally. But to aghast you this year you may see red, or blue shearling jackets which were not available before. In some more color changes you can see some two-tone jackets which look really dashing and new in the trend. All these jackets are coming for more affordable prices as before as the competition growing the manufacturers having to reduce the prices.

New material

Though sheepskin jackets are very popular, many people don’t like to wear animal skin. To the rescue cam a different kind of jacket gaining very rapid popularity among the youth is the faux shearling jackets. These jackets are made of synthetic version of the shearling jacket and are really almost same in the looks and comfort. Moreover the real shearlings costs very high the faux can be a really good alternative as they costs quit less than the originals. Some more varieties of the shearlings include the ones with furs on the collars and feathers or birds and peacocks on the jackets at different places. This makes the jackets more colorful and modern in looks. You may see some bomber inspired shearling jackets but they are very less available in the market.

You can find different kinds of jackets in the market. If you want range in colors, materials or the designs all is available but it costs are higher. Since it is a onetime investment you can always try to get one of them to look modern and feel comfortable.