Vintage Bomber Jacket

The outwear for everyday; practical and stylish choice for men this season in leather outwears

The trend which can never go out of vogue is the craze for vintage bomber jackets. Since 20th century the liking and craze for these jackets have remain unchanged. Rather the true love for them have always emerged and touched the new heights. The appearance and confident one get after wearing them cannot be defined in words. No matter you are a man or woman, it has countless variations for every class. People can’t resist the magic of vintage bomber jacket as they are extraordinary eye catchers.

A quick glance at history

The bomber jackets were the main possession of aviators of the early 1900s. They were invented by them only and named as flying jackets at that time. These leather jackets were made up of sheepskin which provided a barrier against the shivery cold at higher altitudes and sub-zero climates where they use to fly planes and the cockpits of which time were not as hermetic ad they are today. Later in the second world war these jackets were worn by bomb squadrons while providing their service. Hence , these flying jackets got a new title as bombardier and bomber jackets. The name has remained consistent since then.

Barrier to nipping winds

These vintage bomber jacket are the perfect selection for winters. They keep the body of the wearer warm and dont allow chilly winds to touch the body. The soft leathery jackets are a tough shield against cruel and harsh winters. The insulating characteristics of it distribute body heat equally .

Add to splendour

The trendy features with a front zip , pocket flaps on both sides , exquiste collar , rist embracing cuffs and comfortably tight waistline , these jackets can take away anyone's heart . Vintage bomber jacket is the perfect example of being classy yet bold at the same time. They add to the elegance of the wearer. They are among the best things to be worn at casual and semi formal occasions which surely does turn many heads when one walk around.

Available for each group

No matter if you are man or a woman, this golden oldie has something to offer each class from its treasure. These vintage bomber jacket comes in hues and shades of black grey and sleek look for men while for women there is a wide variety of plain coloured, floral prints and many different patterns to choose from. When paired up with pants or denims combined with formal shoes , one is ready for the every occasion.

A classic wear

With the years that have passed , these vintage leather jackets have not lost its charm among masses. The hollywood too has played a vital and integral role for making these jackets famous.They have emerged as an iconic outwear with its fancy look in numeours movies like Fight Club, Terminator , The Avengers etc. Many hollywood stars from Indiana Jones to Bradd Pitt , everyone has chosen it for various occasions, meets and movies.

Just take care

The vintage bomber jackets are really durable if the adequate measures are adopted. These jackets should be taken to a specialise dry cleaner who does the work of washing vintage leather jackets in case of an annoying and unremovable stubborn stain. Never wash a vintage bomber jacket at home.


The demand for vintage leather jackets wont stop unless and until it would have that spectacular appearance. There is no replacement for these jackets and no other attire can be that appealing andhigh class as vintage leather jackets are. It is the must - have apparel this season which will stay with you till long time because of its durability if properly taken care off.