Leather Cap

Which types of Caps are Most Preferable this Season: The top 5 Fall-Winter Collection

The collections of winter-fall caps this season are very impressive. There are leather made caps such as ivy caps and cadet caps, which are ruggedly both ruggedlycool. These leather caps can both provide additional protection in this cold weather. Leather baseball caps are also a great winter caps because these caps are ruggedly warm and flawlessly made. The designs and stitches are perfect along with the earflaps to keep you away from frostbite.

One of the most well-known ivy leather caps are made of shearling lambskin with lining and earflaps. Wearing this design can give you a rugged impression that makes these caps one of the most preferable in this fall-winter season.

You have to remember that in purchasing your own leather cap; make sure that the cap will fit well to your size. Leather is stiffer compared to other cap materials like nylon, denim or wool, and leather is not molded to have adjusters just like other caps made from other materials.

Caps made of leather always have lining unlike standard caps. During summer, pick caps that are thin lined and during winter-fall, make sure to pick thicker-lines caps for added protection. Always remember that leather cap needs to be treated with care so you can maintain the good color and looks of the caps.

Below are my top 5 winter-fall collections of leather caps:

 • Lambskin Leather Ivy Caps

These caps are very comfortable and elegant to wear. These caps are made of 100% lambskin, which can keep you warm during the cold months but still looking stylish and comfortable.

 • Shearling Ivy Caps

Given the right size of your head, these caps can give you a perfect fit. The material used for these ivy caps is flawless shearling lambskin that has lining to keep you warm plus drop-down earflaps for added protection to the ears. These caps can give the wearer a rugged look and have perfect fit. The caps are available in brown or black colors.

 • Shearling Trooper Caps

These trooper caps are available in black or brown colors and made of shearling leather at the outside with deep plush shearling from the insides, with added flap-down earflaps for the enhanced protection. They are absolutely no comparison especially for the rugged looks and significant winter-fall caps.

 • Leather Cade Caps for Women

These caps are soft and sexy cadet caps, which have shorter leather brim that can be paired to any attire. The caps feature side buttons with connecting band of leather from the front with adjustable strap buckle at the back. The adjustable band is purposely designed for additional comfort with cotton straps inside to absorb moisture. The caps are made of genuine lambskin leather.

 • Ball Caps

Ball caps this year is really a trend for winter-fall seasons and even in summer. These leather ball caps are distinctive and can give you a ruggedly looks, which were designed to purposely show the wearer an amazing image. Leather ball caps are expensive compared to denim, cotton or wool ball caps. If you wanted to look elegant, these leather ball caps are worth of your money since they are extremely durable and can keep you warm during the cold months. However, leather ball caps can also suit summer months if you choose thin lining caps. These caps are made of sturdy and high quality leather material to make sure of the durability.