Leather Cowboy Hats

How Cowboy Hats Trends Changed this Season: The top 5 trends

Cowboy hats are the reminiscent of the vintage style cowboy hats used for horseback riding in the fields. They suggests country-style image and usually the most well-liked head gear for people in the countryside. Today, cowboy hats are trending in the world of fashion.

Most of the cowboy hats are made of leather material and hand-tooled. Each of these leather cowboy hats were applied with craftsmanship that speaks of durability and great quality. These hats are perfect to use in outdoor activities too, being paired with other leather apparels such as leather boots can make the outfit perfect.

Everybody loves the look of these cowboy hats, and they have become very famous over these years. Anybody can wear these hats with different outfits and will be looking great. You can wear them with your casual outfits or even your party outfits. Although cowboy hats today have slightly altered having decorative designs from these past few years, the classic and simple design is still the most popular.

These leather cowboy hats have high crowns wide wider brims. The wider brims can give the cowboys a great protection on their head and face from rough winds, sun rays and even from the rain. Even though they are initially designed as protection for cowboys, they have now grown to be found all over the globe and already used by men and women.

The classic cowboy hats before are plain and simply designed, which are very comfortable to wear. Over the years, the simple designed cowboy hats have developed with additional buckles and accessories. The rims are slightly smaller today compared to the vintage cowboy hats, and they are different materials used to fit to the place and time they are being used.

Below are my top 5 trends of cowboy leather hats:

Black Leather Western Cowboy Hats – these hats are made of premium cowhide leather with wider rims and shapeable wire at the edge of the rims. The hats also feature padded nylon at the insides of hatbands intended for extra comfort with braided leather hatbands.

Roxbury Leather Hats – these hats are one of the most affordable cowboy hats. The hats are made of thick cowhide leather and the crown is classic designed with brims that are rimmed with wire at the insides. The purpose of wired rim is to make the wearer adjust the brim for an enhanced looks. The hats have metal studded bands that provide the hats extra character. From the inside, there are cloth sweatbands to make the wearers feel comfortable when wearing.

Shiny Black Whip Stitch Cowboy Hats – these leather cowboy hats are available for men and women. The hats are waterproof and have let her-like finish. The hats have holes for enhanced ventilation and with lining of suede-like material.

Serenity Cowboy Hats – these hats are made of bull-hide leather that any women would love. These hats are designed with cross concho and detailed with pink leather.

Crushable Leather Hats – these hats are made of black and waxed cowhide crushable leather containing eyelets that serves as vents for enhanced ventilation at both sides. These hats are padded with sweatband fabric to add comfort to the wearer.

Always remember that leather cowboy hats need proper maintenance to keep it shiny and perfect. But it doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time, just make sure that you apply proper care to make your hats last forever.