Studded Leather Jacket

Robust, rocky look: The most popular trends in studded jackets

If you are interested in the latest leather jacket trends, you should pay attention to a studded style. The main reason is that it is in high demand this winter season. Many people choose this clothing because of its protection, fashion and comfort.

You won’t be disappointed with a high quality studded leather jacket. For example, it has strong cross stitching and zippers. This kind of outwear may have silver, gold, black and other studs, and they all are placed strategically. This is what makes it unique in some way. Some models come with a wide collar, while others have different styles. It is only up to you to make a final choice, but you need to get a better idea of the newest trends.

 • Excelled lambskin studded jackets. There is nothing that can beat them in terms of durability, warmth and style. They are designed only from soft and strong leather and include a variety of interesting features, such as a point collar, zipped front, hand warmers, inner zipped pockets and open bottom with adjustable tabs on both sides that helps to benefit from a perfect fit.

 • Leather studded bombers. You can be sure to stay warm in this clothing. Another great thing is that you will stand out from the crowd easily. This studded leather jacket is styled in a classic manner, but it includes many modern features. You will like its point collar and zipped front enclosure. It is possible to store your valuable items in inner and front pockets with special snap flaps. Do not forget about its rib knit cuffs and lining because it ensures extra warmth.

 • Racer studded jackets with a hood. Think about this rebel styling when looking for something original and interesting. A hood will ensure your extra comfort because it covers your head. It is made from fleece and can be easily removed. This winter clothing comes with a racer collar with a snap closure. Its pockets and front ensures are zipped, just like sleeves and hand warmers. You will appreciate its lining because it will protect you from cold weather outside.

 • Commuter trucker studded leather jackets. They offer a rugged style, but the best thing is that they come with a hidden hood. You should use it for added protection when it is needed. Check their stand collar, zipped front closure, chest pockets with snap flaps and special hand warmers. Their snap cuffs can be adjusted in accordance with your needs.

In addition, there are other interesting designs when it comes to the best studded leather jacket. When shopping online or visiting local malls, you should take into consideration the ones that come with long sleeves, zipped cuffs and stylish designs. If you choose one of them, you can be sure to look fantastic. Their cropped fit is one of their greatest benefits.

Such jackets also include special panels at both sides and back. This is what ensures that you are going to get the best fit possible. Keep in mind that almost all models are tailor-made to suit the personal needs of consumers. Their value and style can’t be compared to anything else. If you want to make a real fashion statement and sound investment, you will never go wrong with this type of leather jacket. Wear it to become a center of attention of other people and setting a rebel inside you free. There are many other reasons to choose this style.