Batman Jacket

Hollywood fashion Icon: Christian Bale and his leather clothing trends

Christian Bale ,also known as Chris bale has been the most popular actor in Hollywood after his everlasting popular movie the batman where he played the role of batman .The actor and stylist hero Chris has been seen with different sort of leather clothing including leather pants and the leather jacket. This iconic hero has been a real trend with his stylist way of choosing the leather dresses. Some of the the clothing that his wear has made some remarkable trends are:

 • Boton wear bale’s jacket :

This is one of the most popular jackets which is trending in the leather market this season. With the return of the batman movie, the jacket, also popular as the batman jacket has been in the top list. The jacket is characterized with the standing collar and the plain design in the jacket. There is remarkable print of the bat in the front face of the jacket. The jacket has been feature with scaly design on the upper shoulder and the sleeves region .The jacket does have zipper as the front closure. The most trending color of the jacket in this is either black or the brown.

 • Bale leather pants :

This is another popular leather pants. This is just a simple leather pants but with rather plain look. The pant is characterized with stylist zipper and cozy pocket on either side. The pants have edge liner market finely. They are made up of finely treated leather.

 • Batman dark knight leather jacket :

This is another popular bales wear that has been an iconic trend this season. Apart from just an icon this jacket also reflects the macho attitude of the batman which makes it more popular among the user. The jacket is characterized with standing color .The jacket has the red color on the shoulder level and the sleeves while they have black color on the frontal part of the jacket. The jacket has black color on the sides of the sleeves as well. The jacket is characterized with the stylist zipper and has been marked as the best jacket of the season.

 • Batman begins jacket :

This is another popular jacket of the bale which he has worn in the new batman begins. The jacket has been trending with the launch of the movie. The jacket is mostly trending in black color but the main specific design of the jacket is the impressive design of the bat picture on the frontal as well as backside part of the jacket. The jacket is smoother than before and has the design like things on the sleeve which extends up to the upper part of the shoulder.

Although there are several other more clothing that the iconic star bale wears but the most trending are always his jackets and the pant he wore. Basically ,after the batman movie and the batman returns the leather batman jacket of the batman become so trendy that the year of the first launch of batman ,the jacket broke several records .While the jacket ,little modified ,on new launch of batman begins has again hit the market. Popularly the “Dark knight” launch made the leather jacket of dark knight most popular jacket .So these are in total the most trending wears of the iconic star –Chris Bale.