Brad Pitt Leather Jacket

Top actors and their fashionable leather clothings this season: The top 5

Celebrities influence us in many ways. Actors often create a very positive image in our mind through the characters they play in the movies. We often imitate their clothing and styles. Leather jacket has always been an attractive outfit and when our favourite movie stars are seen wearing one, we try to grab one for ourselves. The top actors and their fashionable leather clothing this season are discussed here.

 • Harrison Ford leather jacket: Harrison Ford is one of the most talked about actor this season for his new series of the famous movie ‘Indiana Jones’. The iconic brown leather jacket that he wore in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ is still popular this season. The most appealing feature of this jacket is its adventurous look. This is a bomber style jacket which has a rough and worn out look, typical of any adventurer like Indiana Jones! This jacket tends to look better with use.

 •  Brad Pitt leather jacket: This leather jacket from the movie ‘Fight Club’ will be remembered by fashion lovers for a long time. In this movie, Brad Pitt played the strong character of Tyler Durden whose personality has been loved by many. This cool red Brad Pitt leather jacket has a classy and fresh look that is very appealing. This iconic blazer-style leather jacket has given a new dimension to leather jacket fashion. The jacket has lapel-style collar and large flap side pockets. It has button closure at the front and open hem style cuffs. Exclusive detailing at the back and front regions give the jacket a unique appeal. This jacket will definitely adorn your wardrobe and you will love wearing it for many years.

 •  Tom Cruise Leather Jacket: Hollywood actor Tom Cruise wore a hooded leather jacket in his movie ‘Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol’ which has been quite popular recently. This black leather jacket is a classic piece and is made up of the finest quality leather. The excellent tailoring and outstanding craftsmanship of this jacket makes it a must have outfit this season. The jacket has front zip closure and inner viscose lining for giving extra comfort. This jacket is sure to give a super hero look, just like Tom Cruise!

 •  Arnold Schwarzenegger Leather Jacket: Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger is always liked for his stylish appearance and strong personality. In his upcoming movie ‘Terminator Genisys’ he will be seen in this cool leather jacket which is sure to capture everyone’s heart. The jacket is made from high quality cowhide leather, thus making the jacket extremely durable. The most attractive feature of this jacket is the quilted diamond-pattern on the waist and chest areas. It has padded sleeves and shoulders. The hem cuffs are zippered. It has a shirt-style collar with front zipper closure. The jacket has two chest pockets and belted closure around the waist area for better fit.

 •  Robert Downey leather jacket: Actor Robert Downey wore a stylish black leather jacket in the movie ‘Iron Man’. This jacket is made up of high quality cowhide leather. The jacket has front zip closure with viscose lining inside for added comfort. The diagonal pockets on the chest give the jacket an edgy look. It has snap-button collar and the cuffs of the jacket are zipped.

Leather jacket is on demand throughout the year. People love the masculine and strong image that leather jackets portay. When they see their favourite actors wearing leather jackets, they fall more in love with this classic outfit.