Howard Hughes jacket

The 5 choices you have this season from top celebrity fashion trends for jackets

Leather jackets give you a trendy and stylish appearance. Men are always interested to know about the latest trend in the fashion of jackets. Celebrities have always been our prime focus when it comes to fashion. We love to follow them and dress like them. The 5 choices this season from the top celebrity fashion trends for jackets are discussed here.

 • Howard Hughes Jacket: Howard Hughes is a legendary figure. A business tycoon and an aviator, Howard Hughes is much remembered for his outstanding fashion sense. His famous brown aviator leather jacket design has been the subject of inspiration to many modern designers. For his mesmerizing personality, Hollywood has made a movie on his life named ‘The Aviator’ where Leonardo Di Caprio played the role of Howard Hughes. Leonardo wore the brown Howard Hughes jacket in the movie. The jacket has a very fine texture, a vintage look and is made up of high quality genuine leather. Its lapel collar, stylish cut and buttoned cuffs gives it a unique appeal. The historical aspect of the jacket makes it more demanding this season and is worth having it in your wardrobe.

 • Marlon Brando Jacket: The biker style look in the 50s classic movie ‘The Wild One’ is admired and followed even today. Marlon Brando wore a black leather biker jacket in the movie which stole the hearts of many jacket lovers. The jacket personifies bikers, punks and rebels. This tough image of the jacket has been the centre of attraction and people loved it. The design of this jacket is similar to the original ‘Perfecto’ leather jacket. It has studded lapels, epaulettes, belt around the waist and zipped cuffs.

 • Ryan Gosling Jacket: Ryan Gosling is currently considered one of the most stylish and fashionable man in Hollywood after the release of the film ‘The Drive’. The white scorpion bomber jacket that he wore in the movie has created history. It is a sateen quilted racing style jacket with a huge scorpion in golden colour embroidered at the back.

 • Steve McQueen Jacket: Steve McQueen is considered to be a style icon of the 60s. In the move ‘Le Mans’, he wore a cream coloured leather jacket. The jacket has unique red and blue stripes on one side and logos. It has front metal zip closure and external pocket. It has metal buttons at the wrist ands waist. The jacket is padded and quilted for giving extra comfort. The jacket is very stylish and classy. This racing jacket will be remembered whenever people see car racing tournaments like Formula 1.

 • James Dean Jacket: The red jacket from the movie ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ is iconic. This is a Harrington-style bomber jacket. It gives the 50s Rock n Roll image. James Dean established this jacket as an outfit for rebels around the world and that image still remains. At the time when blazer jackets were the trend, James Dean’s bomber jacket created a new fashion trend.

Celebrity fashions often come and also fade away quickly. However, some remain through the test of time. The jackets mentioned so far will remain in the fashion lovers mind for many more years. Fashion designers will get lot of inspirations from these classic and stylish celebrity jackets.