Indiana Jones Jacket

Here is the list of the 5 most popular trendsetting actors of today:

 • Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is heart throb of many girls and women. The Titanic lover boy definitely has a great sense of fashion and is very versatile in it. Dicaprio rocks almost every style. Whether it is the cute lover boy attire from Titanic, or the professional look from The Wolf of the Wall Street of any of his casual attires, he looks the best. He loves flaunting leather jackets of various designs and colors for his casual attires. He has been spotted wearing those leather jackets in many occasions. His Inception jackets, Wall Street coats, etc. have been replicated more than you can imagine.

 • Brad Pitt

The handsome hunk, Brad Pitt definitely has something that every girl dies for his glance. Pitt, like Dicaprio is a huge fan of leather jackets and have been spotted in different leather jackets in different occasions. His leather jackets are usually sporty or well-fitting and are dark in color. The Inglorious Bastard star is usually spotted flaunting black denims along with black leather boots, black t shirt and black leather jacket. Except leather attires, Pitt prefers cardigan coats and tuxedos for formal events. His style definitely is a trendsetting style.

 • Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is best known for his jackets and have been given a brand name Indiana Jones jacket. These tomb raider leather jackets are simple and are made up of lambskin leather. Collared neck and zipped front gives this jacket a very simple yet stylish appearance. The tough character of Jones is well depicted through his costume, that is, the leather jacket. This stylish jacket style might be quite old, but is still loved by people as much as new styles. Hence Indiana Jones is one of the trendsetters of all time.

 • Johnny Depp

Everyone loves the crazy pirate from The Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp has definitely put a lot of effort in portraying that character. Except this character, Johnny Depp is also known for his stylish appearance and sense if fashion. The star knows what to wear for which occasion. He is one of the most versatile actors and shows versatility in his dress ups as well. He can dress up as cool dude for casual events where as he can be formal and smart for other events. He dons the casual denims and white tees like he rocks his formal suits and ties.

 • Christian Bale

The Batman may not have many costumes to wear, but Christian Bale definitely has. Christian Bale is usually spotted in suits and tuxes for formals and leather jackets and denim jackets for casuals. This man, of course has a unique charm and his sense of fashion enhances his charm. His beard and moustache adds more charisma to hi appearance.

Everyone wants to look like their favorite stars. Every style of the celebs must be tried at least once. But this season, if you are looking for leather jackets Indiana Jones jacket is a must-try.