Mad Max Jacket

The iconic celebrity and their changing clothing trends: the top 5 of Mel Gibson

Trends are changed and variations are defined in the clothing line through not only designers but also the way celebrities chose to dress up. In this age and era the trends change tremendously and quickly. These drifts and changes are taken up from icons and popular people from around the globe.

They not only define their style by wearing those outfits on the ramps and their public appearances, but also what they wear in movies also sets up their signature style. Although designers are responsible for providing them with the necessary outfit, but not everyone carries stuff beautifully and elegantly as some celebrities do.

Mel Gibson, the star of the action movies, has set quite a few popular trends when it comes to leather jackets. He has worn several styles in his movies and also in his public appearances and premiers. All heroes, especially action movie stars, need to wear material that gives them a rough rowdy charm. Leather is that one material that speaks for itself when worn perfectly. Mel Gibson outshone others by wearing the classiest of leather jackets.

Mad max jacket, as it is known because of the infamous action movie, is one of the most famous and most popular jackets worn by men around the globe. Although men of all ages wish to wear this jacket style, but it is particularly worn by the youngsters who idolize the movie star and age of extraordinary action movies. This particular jacket has a large sided collar also made out of leather. This mad max jacket has a zipper in front which is slightly larger than the usual ones. Its silver color makes it look more prominent and goes with the glossy leather.

What is interesting and different about this mad max jacket is the bulgy right shoulder pad. It is only on one side and gives it a military look. The right sleeve is also half in length. It matches the war time scenario of the movie. Mad max jacket is now made with slight variations of style and color according to the current trends.

The jacket that he wore in Lethal Weapon 4 is also quite popular and in demand. The sleeves are the prominent part in this jacket with a twin stripe of white running down the length. The neckline is buttoned right up to the neck with a side button pallet. The side pockets also close with a slight diagonal zip. Otherwise the jacket is very simple as compared to the earlier one.

The jacket he wears in the second part of Lethal Weapon is also caught the limelight. It is very simple with brass buttons running down along with the front zipper. The lining underneath the jacket is of light blue color which shows itself because of the turned out collar.

In Mad Max 3, the jacket he wears is also of plain black leather. The collar has two layers and is large. It is a turn out collar which comes over the shoulder blade. Unlike the jacket that he wore in the first part, this jacket has both the sleeves with full lengths.

Not only in his early movies, but also the movie Edge of Darkness shows him wearing a leather material. Although that jacket too is plain, but it is typical of Mel Gibson as it compliments his age and elegant style.