Rocky Jacket

Rocky's fame Stallone and his leather outwear trends still relevant

There’s no doubt that costumes play an important role in any good film. And ‘Rocky' along with most of Sylvester Stallone movies, are definitely that kind of films. It is difficult to imagine the actor without a leather jacket. And his rocky jacket still remains popular and trendy.

What also comes to mind when you speak about him is the famous scene from another Sylvester Stallone movie ‘Rocky’ when he runs up the steps of Philadelphia Museum of Art wearing a simple grey training suit, keds and a blue beanie. This scene is the history.

Lessons of the style from Sylvester Stallone

On the screens we usually see him, playing the roles of muscular athlete or a lonely warrior who, having passed all the difficulties in the final always takes care of all antagonists and save the world. His celebrity career Stallone began with the acclaimed film "Rocky", then played a number of roles in no less popular thrillers and action movies, but now is ready to shoot to the next blockbuster - "Grudge Match". For a debut role in the Seraglio "Rocky" Sylvester was nominated for an Oscar Award. Sylvester Stallone is the epitome of masculinity, strength and solid character.

From a difficult childhood to celebrity glory

Future movie star was born on July 6, 1946 in New York. His father was a shoemaker and his mother was a fortune-teller. We can not say that the boy had a happy childhood. At birth he was injured as a result of which thehad damaged vocal cords, and half of his face always remained paralyzed. Childhood took place in an atmosphere of constant scandals and fights in the family, as his mother had a very high temper.

A fan of tuxedos and suits

In order to sculpt and maintain a perfect body, the actor constantly keep fit in the gym. On the way to workout Sylvester prefers free sports style - running shoes, T-shirts, lose pants or jeans and leather jackets.

But when it comes to the red carpet or the next festival, which Stallone is invited into as a special guest artist or actor certainly adheres to conservative classics. But it is not very easy to pick a suit for such inflated body.

At the presentation of collaborative movie together with another Hollywood strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger - "escape plan" Stallone chose the look, designed in the style of casual - famous black rockyjacket, cowboy shirt, jeans and boots. At the Cannes Film Festival Sly (as fans call Stallone) dressed a dark classic two-piece suit. During the presentation of "The Expendables 3", Stallone decided to stand out from the crowd and dress up in a pale purple tuxedo combined with elegant tie and Pocket Squares.

Despite the age - 67 years old, the star of "Rambo" is not losing his positions on the screen, and always looks flawless and moderately restrained.

Sylvester Stallone has become a fashion designer

The famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone has announced the launch of his own line of clothing.

In addition to outerwear free style (jeans and t-shirts) and underwear will be sold stylish watches and other accessories.

"I thought that I knew, what and how works in life. Clothing is the first step to the image of the character," - says Stallone.

Clothing branded Stallone will be sold next year. The actor plans to expand the range of products, making sportswear, glasses and even perfume.