Smallville Jacket

Iconic TV serials in USA and its dressing trends: the top 5 with best costumes

The TV serials with best costume are always very popular and that has been seen by many fans. Popular costume always a staple for years and retain for more years. The smallville jacket which is worn by Clark Kent(Tom Welling) in the TV series is very popular. The red leather jacket is very popular in this latest fashion era. Many companies faced huge demand on this costume as people get bored on the old fashion and trends. You can find different dressing trends in the Television series itself other than movies and can enhance your style greatly with the below top rate best costume.

Cullen Bohannon leather vest:

It is the best costume for the rough and rugged look character. If you need a rough styling, then it must be a Cullen Bohannon leather vest. It is greatly inspired in the Hell on wheels Television series by Anson mount. The character made it use the leather vest every day. In fact, it is the most attracting wardrobes for men that you can try easily. This vest in distressed look and can wear in both semi-casual and casual. This trendy leather vest provides you enough warm in winter. The front buttons closure and lapel collar adds the extra look to the costume. It is very apt for jeans and pants.

SmallVille Jacket:

Superman leather jacket used in the series Smallville with broad embossing “S” over the chest is very famous in the series. The premium stitching in the leather jacket with collarless feature and front closure gives a heroic look to the wearer. The padded detail over deltoid and shoulder with two inside pockets guarantees a great looking nature. It is made incredibly for the durable wear. It is available in different color includes black, red, brown and much more. The superman cosplay costume worn by clark kent is unique. This smallville jacket is very famous in the dressing trend.

Sherlock coat:

The Benedict Cumberbatch great quality fabric outwear is greatly inspired by the TV series of Sherlock. The Charcoal coat worn by Benedict gave him a stylish appearance in the detective field. It becomes a detective identity wear and also covers and protects you from the cool wind. The double buttoned closure on the front and lapel style collar gives this coat the formal segmenting touch. Tow vertical hand pockets keep you warm and big flap pockets are good. The Sherlock coat is good for winter. The sleeves are open hen cuffs.

American Hustle leather jacket:

Leather jacket worn by Amy Adam is very fashionable one. The stylish appearance on the television series when she wore it with a skirt in the American Hustle is stunning one. With possible color changes, this American Hustle leather Jacket is available in Brown and black is very popular among other colors. The synthetic weather enables the quality of the wear and it is perfect to wear for casual outings and parties.

Mad men Fashion:

The costume worn by actress was very special as it cemented with Megan’s character. The costume used in the season 6 is very fashion forward with its gauzy, transparent fabrics and shimmery exhibits the high society dress. The designer makes the dress very fashionable with gold brocade, cuffs and vintage tunic is very appealing to look. The transformation from ordinary secretary to soap opera star and Don Draper’s wife.

The costume is inspired by the new York collections and get popularized through this Tv series again.