X Men First Class Leather Jacket

X-Men Trilogy: The perfect platform for new leather clothing trend- the best 5

The X-Men movies have brought some amazing leather jackets. The best 5 X-Men movie jacket are as follows:

 • X Men Wolverine Leather Jacket

This Leather Jacket was worn by Hugh Jackman in the Hollywood movie titled ‘X Men Wolverine’. This motorcycle jacket has been produced from real leather. This most amazing feature of this jacket is its attention-grabbing look. The outer shell of this elegant jacket offers a gorgeous combination of white & orange with the creative detailing of ornate piping. This jacket provides great safety features to the wearer. The quilted style polyester Lining offers superb durability to this leather garment. The jacket looks amazing with the erected collar that has been accentuated with the official logo of ‘X Men’. The YKK style branded Zipper opening/closure system has made this celebrity wear more stylish and useful.

 • X-Men 1st Class Leather Jacket

In the blockbuster Hollywood movie called “X-Men 1st Class”, the critical and significant character Magneto has worn this enchanting jacket. This X Men First Class Leather Jacket has been made out of genuine soft-touch leather extracted from sheepskin. It is available in brown color. Make a great impression with our Super Stylish leather jackets, perfect with Khakis or Jeans. This jacket offers great durability for its viscose lining feature. The Shirt Style design has made this jacket more stylish. This leather garment offers Zip system opening/Closure system on the front side, which ensures great comfort to the wearer. The Open Hem style Cuffs have complemented the design of this elegant X Men First Class Leather Jacket.

 • X Men 2 Cyclops Leather Jacket

The famous Hollywood film star Hugh Jackman has worn leather jacket in the Hollywood movie “X Men 2 Cyclops”. This celebrity jacket has been prepared from 100% real leather. It is available in black color. Moreover, the red & brown stripes designed on the single side of its chest has added a shiny and stylish look in this celebrity leather jacket. This leather jacket offers zippered opening/closing system on the front side. This jacket also offers viscose lining. This celebrity leather jacket also offers a snap tab style collar. Moreover, it includes zip system Cuffs on the sleeves. Waist pockets & chest pockets have made this leather jacket more useful.

 • X Men 2 United Leather Jacket

This jacket had been worn by Hugh Jackman in the Holywood movie “X Men 2 United”. This celebrity jacket has been made out of genuine leather. It also bears quilted polyester made lining. Interestingly, this jacket offers gorgeous Camel Strip designs on several portions, like, front side waist, arms and neck. The Neat stitching has added great beauty to this jacket. This jacket contains two outside pockets placed diagonally along with zip system. It also offers two inside pockets. The wearer will look smart with the snap tab style collar design. The zip cuffs style texture design on the end portion of the sleeves has made this leather garment unique.

 • X Men Logans Leather Jacket

X Men Logans has worn this jacket in the movies titled ‘X Men Logans’. It has been made up from 100% genuine leather. It includes Polyester Lining. This jacket is available in gorgeous brown. This suit offers snap tab style moto collar. This celebrity Jacket offers a big angled strap design on the waistline along with tri-straps design on the sleeves. In this celebrity jacket, a full-length YKK branded zippered closing/opening system is added on the front side. Besides these, it offers zip system Cuffs on the Sleeves.