BMW Jacket

most popular BMW moto jackets this season- Whats making news and turning heads this season

Motorcycle jackets protect the bikers from abrasion, puncture and impact damages. Thick high quality leather is used to manufacture motorcycle jackets. These jackets have double stitch sewing, armour pieces and foams in the joints. Various designs and styles of motorcycle jackets exist in the market. BMW is one of the top brands manufacturing moto jackets. The top 5 most popular BMW moto jackets are discussed below.

The Street Guard Jacket: This BMW jacket is a combination of high safety and comfort. It has several comfort characteristics and use of modern technology making the jacket very appealing to riders. This jacket can be found in both short and long version. It is abrasion-resistant, windproof, and waterproof. It is a professional level touring suit which can be worn throughout the year. The jacket has NP2 protectors at the shoulders, back and elbows. It has a removable collar with hood, windproof thermal inner, retro-reflective prints on the back and front of the jacket, and a full zipper closure in front.

Airflow Jacket: This BMW jacket is suitable for mild weather conditions. It has high safety features and is extremely comfortable to wear. There is a windproof removable jacket which works as a cover over the Airflow jacket in case of cold weather or during night time when the temperatures fall. It has removable protectors in the shoulders, elbows and the back. The arm cuffs and neck area are made up of soft materials. It has two zippered pockets, and waterproof pouch to protect wallet or mobile phone in case of rain.

Neon Shell Jacket: This BMW jacket is appropriate for all seasons. It has a removable padded thermal inside to protect from rain, cold and wind. This jacket is an ideal for those riders who give preference to visibility factor while riding. The jacket is found in dark grey or neon yellow colour which glows and gives better visibility while on the road. It is a short sporty-style jacket. The jacket is windproof, abrasion-resistant, and water proof. It has removable protectors in the elbow, back and shoulders. There are reflective prints at the back of neck and sleeves. BMW logo is engraved on the left sleeve.

Boulder Jacket: This jacket is best worn during warmer climate. The jacket provides numerous safety features. The casual style and sporty look of the jacket is very appealing. Logos are imprinted on the jacket. The jacket has removable protectors on the shoulder and sleeves. It is waterproof, windproof and abrasion-resistant. Besides being stylish, the jacket is extremely comfortable and will give you a wonderful riding experience.

Air Shell Jacket: The jacket’s most attracting feature is the bright neon yellow colour. This colour increases visibility and gives safety to the riders. It has other passive safety elements. This jacket is a perfect blend of quality and functionality. The jacket has big mesh inserts for proper ventilation and 3D mesh lining for best air circulation. It has reflective prints at the back, front, shoulders and sleeves.

Leather motorcycle jackets are available in various colours and styles. These jackets are soft, good fitting, comfortable and provides protection. Due to leather’s waterproof and windproof nature, leather jackets are great for cold weather.