Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Armored biker jackets: what’s the latest of technologies used for better safety on road

It is actually a big question to ask, how safe are you on yourmotorcycle? Strategically researches show that about 13 of every 100,000 cars face fatal crashes almost averagely every year. For motorcycles, the number can be more than 72 per 100,000. The much known fact that driving a motorcycle is more perilous than driving a car.

With the ongoing of time, the safety of bikers, have become more consciously felt.High technology bodyarmor and the feel to wear the same would lower the risk of meeting accidents. An armored motorcycle jacket, would include, protection against,

 • Chest

 • Elbows/ Knees

 • Palm

 • Neck

 • Feet/Leg

 • Hip

 • Back

Now an armored motorcycle jackets have to be technologically advanced, to protect your body from sudden shock. Some latest technology would include:

 • Viscoelastic: A viscoelastic material in armored jacket can be used in the hand, in the form of gloves, in knees, shoulder, back and tail bone. These material are at soft when at respite, upon meeting with crash/shock, which can be an accident, the armor adopts enormously rigid and defensive properties.Types of armors are SAS- (TEC),could be Rukka, or an APS, EXO-TEC, or a D30 and the other could be TF armor. They existpresently being used in armored motorcycle jacket. Viscoelastic armor is soft and body-forming until it is in impacted. At influence it reacts rapidly to form a rigid mass which prevents shock to the human body by three approaches.

 • Shock Absorption b. Shock delay c. Dissipation

 • TRUST technology for head protection/ Airoh:TRUST is: Trauma Reduction and Unrivalled Shock Technology. This kind of helmet system comprises mainly 3 part

a) A shock-absorbing liner to absorb and disperse the energy unrestricted in the collision;

b) an expandable system which exclusively fits the solution to a range of head shapes; and

c) A skull cap to deliversupplementary comfort and help in sweat management.

The shock absorption liner is condensed using D3O's new Smart Skin technology, which is a wipe-clean material that provides durability and an anti-microbial fence.

 • Armored Air Jacket: When a motorcycle rider is met with a sudden trauma, the airbag instantly inflates evolving an armor of protection to diminish the possibility of injury to the important body parts such as the spine, chest, neck, and major parts of the upper body.

 • D3O technology for your back:It is light, extremely shock absorbent and it is even high-tech. D3O is the new technology which have adapted their materials to the new protection requirement, EN1621-2. The Cobra series here are available for protection of the back. The vital protection is called King Cobra, or Cobra Pro a level 2 protection for your back. This may come separately or may also be engraved in your jacket, depending on brands.

Apart from these, a proper armored jacket, sometimes even comes with gloves. In gloves there is a modern technology used.

Alpinestars Gloves with GP Technology:The Alpinestars GP-Technology Gloves epitomize a ground-breaking expansion in Motorbike GP-resistance glove technology. Introducing a strong kangaroo, cow leather chassis and palm for greater feel and act with palm, thumb and finger. The inferior palm embracespurposefullyplaced compound TPU sliders straddling on foamed-back leather pane. One may also carry, a Shock absorbent knee guards: This is actually an extra strong knee protector, which use the latest technology of injection-molded Plastic. The inner layer has high impact foam to absorb power energy.