Biker Jacket Women

How the women biker jacket evolved this season- the changing trends

Biker jackets for women allow them to protect themselves from the dangers on the road, ensuring personal safety, reducing the risk of injury. These jackets can allow a woman to look trendy, stylish and attractive without losing the charm and femininity.

The most well-known products supplies the brand Dainese, as well as the company Ixon. Among the motorcycle apparel we can distinguish biker jacket women made of textile or leather. Motorcycle leather jacket is made of specially treated cow skin, which has high strength and expressive texture, special painting gives additional depth. The strengthening of the jacket is made by inserting of aluminum elements that make biker jacket women more reliable means of protection from the wind and falls. Thick sewing doesn't prevent the ventilation of jackets, making them an excellent choice for hot racing at high speed.

The textile of female motorcycle jacket is diverse an provides variability of choice to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of ladies. Textiles involve a wide range of shades: you can find blue-black jacket with an aggressive design, and light pink glamorous jacket for lovers of tenderness and lightness.

The backing of jackets is usually lightweight and provides excellent ventilation, the lightness of the material ensures complete freedom of movement. In order to protect a girl on the road, almost all jackets are equipped with special reflective elements, there is a removable composite protection. Most of the jackets are water proof, it protects the driver from the rain and spatter, so that nothing could prevented the enjoyment of driving.

Most models are also equipped with a special zipper that connects motorcycle jacket with trousers. This makes the jacket even more functional and practical. Of course, the motorcycle jackets for women are produced only from the highest quality materials, which poses plenty of strength characteristics, resistance to abrasion and wear. These jackets will serve you not a year or two, but many, many years.

Famous designers in this season found inspiration in the rebellious spirit of freedom, leather, bikes and military style. The sleeve zippers, quilted fabric, leather coats - these are the trends of motorcycle clothing in this season. Military looks particularly interesting in color burgundy, futurism is clearly demonstrated in a red version, asymmetric zip jacket looks great in traditional black, red leather is also more likely to be used in sewing jackets than other colors, and rich chocolate tones can be very useful for classical, direct style. In the men's designer collections of this year we can also meet sports style jackets as well as business models in the spirit of glamour. Extended models tend to have an emphasis on the waist using the belt or tight fitting cut.

You may think that the biker pants can be made only of very thick and rough leather, and are always black. And you are wrong again. Motorcycle clothing, part of which are leather pants, is made of leather of light colors, with lots of zips. And the simple, smooth leather is no longer as popular as modified leather, with carved patterns. Of such skin are made not only classic biker pants, but also fashion leather skirt. They do not just sit perfectly on you in accordance with the general trends of biker fashion, but also perfectly complement your biker jacket.

Well, the last key element of the biker clothing for women in this season are biker boots. It will not be difficult to find them, taking into account the relentless interest to them during the last several seasons.