Mens Black Leather Biker Jacket


As winters approach the need for stylish and fashionable outer wear sprouts up and so does for our adventurous bikers out there. Leather biker jackets are the most user friendly item in winters as they never fail to create a sophisticated impression as well as provide the required warmth, comfort, safety and sturdiness that bikers need on their high speed road trips. Whether it’s a high end brand or a relatively cheaper item, leather biker jackets is mostly the preference of all. We discuss here the top five high in-demand biker jackets in leather for winters this year.


A sleek mens black leather biker jacket, fitted and waist length with a simple zipped front is undoubtedly the most common and most fashionable outer wear for men of all times. Living totally up to the “less is more” ideology, this piece of biker jacket is always high on demand. It suits all body types and the sleek and fitted look compliments the winter season.


Another style that reflects more of the biker attitude and is more winter friendly is a double layered leather jacket fronted with two rows of steel silver buttons, rounded collar, longer but fitted sleeves zipped front pockets completing the entire look. An important note to mention here is whenever going for buttoned jackets, black should be the preferred color as the silver steel corresponds most perfectly to a deep black hue.


Another style making waves this season is again on black leather. Alternately, a deep brown hue can also be preferred but light colors are not welcomed particularly in cold weather. Drifting from the usual round collared jackets, this is a slightly tapered collar style with broad lapels adorned with silver buttons, front zipper that’s slightly off-side, zipped pockets both vertical and horizontal. This kind of style is a slight deviation from the usual “less-is-more” ideology but is edgy and funky at the same time if paired with the right trousers can bring out the true sophistication of the jacket.


Apart from these traditional styles, there are some new features added to the classic biker jacket for men that are also making waves this season. This includes the use of a second material like suede patching up the shoulders and sleeve ends of the jacket. While the over-all look remains leathery, the extra kick added by a second material on a smaller area looks classy as well as distinct. In the same context, another idea making waves is the use of quilted leather on sleeves or upper front part highlighting the leather in different ways. This is also well received among the consumers since the diverse elements added are minimalistic and don’t over-do the style statement.


Looking away from the traditional mens black leather biker jacket, we also have in style colored leather jackets which although overshadowed by black, are in style nonetheless. From khaki green to a soft charcoal grey, navy blue to soft beige hues, the options are endless. With slight detailing on the collars and sleeves, use of epaulettes, belted waists and neat tailored fittings, these are the perfect choice for those who want to try something other than the traditional black wear. Once you find the right color style and the right pairing with other accessories, your style statement will be complete!

So go out, start shopping and make sure your closet doesn’t miss out on the ever so popular, convenient and glamorous biker jacket!