Leather Vest

The elegant but robust look - The top 5 trends of leather vests this season

Fashion industry considers the leather like a variety of fabric that give sophisticated style and shades to your look. Leather clothes are worn worldwide because it can clearly identify the silhouette and provide unique individual visualization.

How to add luxurious accents to your own image?

Stylish addition to women' wardrobe would be a leather vest, which will enrich the palette of your own style. It can add spice, respectability and individuality to the variety of outfits. But before choosing a model, it is necessary to clarify a few trendy nuances.

Women's leather vest

Modern leather vest is a bright reconstruction of trends of 80s, it was then when the fashion included a style with a slight touch of rebellion. Then the leather clothing in men's style was the reason for the search of design, which arose as a result of the trend in women's leather jackets. The idea of the original, slightly shocking and brutal style set the tone for the whole generation of designers a fashion houses, and became a fashion classic. Model in a cowboy rocker and biker-style does not lost its relevance today.

But the most interesting and always elegant look feminine and sophisticated versions of the vest, which occupy a special place in any fashionista's wardrobe.

As always the perfect choice would be a classic version of the vest. Deep V-neck and a semi-circular cutout exact fit in the waist zone and nice slim silhouette - will always look perfect. The vest will beautify the shape of any body type and will be the most luxurious accent in the look of any style.

Very stylish looks a classic model with deep diagonal "American" armhole, leaving the shoulders and the back open.

Slightly provocatively, but always elegant looks a rocker biker-style model, which became the prototype of asymmetric zip leather jacket. Its characteristics features are: zip, lose or straight silhouette, trim rivets or studs.

Special glamour and elegance gives the fabric itself, the most advantageously and respectably looks fine leather of excellent cut. It allows you to achieve a perfect fit on the body.

The most elegant and luxurious look the vests of huskies. The most eminent designers preferred to work exactly with this kind of leather. Matte, glossy, with the effect of the candle or reptile - the more noble and rich the texture of the material is, - the more spectacular looks the vest. Such effects add a leather vest luxury look.

Color plays an important role. Classic black never goes out of fashion, but very stylish look models in bright, active colors. Most organic and trendy look vests in cherry, deep red, gray, white and beige colours.

Recently a little lost popularity all shades of classic brown colour - they were replaced by flashy bright colors: purple, blue, emerald green, orange and even pink. In such a strict color scheme and slightly brutal styles you would look especially beautiful.

Particular attention should be played to decor, which gives the style of depth and expressiveness. One of the most popular styles is the rocker one, but typical for it spikes and rivets in female models look like flirty accessories that often encrusted with rhinestones or colorful stones.

Leather vest - is a popular thing to combine with jeans and a suit. In these clothes you cannot be afraid of cold, which is so easy to pick up in the offseason. Before you buy the vest you should determine the style. There are classic and youth models. It is important to choose high-quality material. Very often, modern manufacturers use pig skin. It is more affordable, but less quality. Materials for jackets are leather sheep, cows and pigs. Sheep is more shiny and soft. Such models look elegant. It is more likely to use such material for vintage jackets. Therefore it is better not to save and buy something not for one season. Suede looks very elegant, but the vest made out of it will require special care. But such a model is beautiful and strong, and very soft.