Motorcycle Vest

Perfect for a long ride - The motorcycle vest collection for this winter - what's new in designs

In our time leather Vest has become an integral feature of the traditional biker style, as well as motorcycle-cruiser with a bigger engine, tattoos, rings and beard.

Vest is a typical item of clothing in the style of "Western", it migrated to the wardrobe of riders of the "iron horses" with belts and massive buckles, boots, bolo ties, bandanas and Chaps. Style of "modern cowboys" came to taste not only for bikers, but also for rock musicians, as well as all those who wanted to emphasize their belonging to a motorcycle subculture.

But riding a motorcycle makes the garment rather stringent requirements as it has a protective function.

Particularly popular among bikers motorcycle vest became with the development of the club movement: a source of pride of a motorcycle club member, his coat of arms and recognition system "friend or foe" - a club stripe or "color". Stripes can determine not only the biker belonging to this or that club, but also his place in the hierarchy, responsibilities, region, etc.

First club motorcyclists sewed "colors" right on the jacket, but then they began to use as a basis vests, but they wore them not under the clothes, but over it.

Following the club bikers, members of MC (Moto Club) and MG (Moto Gang), began to wear vests as well as the participants of more democratic moto communities - MCC (MotorCycle Community), RC (Riders Club), OS (Owners Club) MFC (Moto Fans Club) etc. Strap attached to the vest, emphasized the biker affiliation to a particular community (or vice versa, its fundamental denial of any community to join - No Club, Lone Wolf, etc).

The present day motorcycle vests are completely different. They have numerous decorative details and trims. Many models of motorcycle vest are decorated with large buttons and patch pockets. Leather vests with fur and shiny details are one hundred percent must-have of the next winter for women. Girls can wear this clothes also in spring and autumn, complementing the look with dresses of any style and pumps.

The textile of female motorcycle vest is diverse anв provides variability of choice to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of ladies. Textiles involve a wide range of shades: you can find blue-black vest with an aggressive design, and light pink glamorous vest for lovers of tenderness and lightness. Traditional black is again the mainstream in this season, like it always was. But not only black by itself, but in combination with various textures of skin, velvet and materials in black, green, blue and other colors.

For those who like to draw the attention of the others with brightness and spectacular colors, successful purchase would be a leather motorcycle vest with an unusual print. Asymmetrical elements of decor are going to add some coquetry to your style.

When buying motorcycle vest it is necessary to pay attention to the following details:

 • Material.

 • Cut.

 • Fasteners and fittings.

 • Decorative elements.

 • Pockets.

 • Quality and price

In order to protect a girl on the road, vests can be equipped with special reflective elements, there is a removable composite protection. Most of vests are waterproof, it protects the driver from the rain and spatter, so that nothing could prevented the enjoyment of driving.

Take your call to get a new biker vest for this season!