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Fashion trends for leather trench coat men for this season: The top 5 designs

Trench coats have always been a favorite of stylish people. These neatly made coats tend to add a touch of professionalism to your look and groom your overall style. Whether you are a lady or a man, you will always have a crush for a good leather trench coat. The good news this season is that there are a number of new designs and styles which tend to blow away your mind. These jackets mostly give a formal look in leather, but nowadays you will also find leather trench coats for men in casual styles as well. Most importantly, these coats tend to keep you warm and cozy during all times of the year. So if you want to get a leather trench coat this season, you will be glad at the number of choices you have. Let us enlighten the top 5 designs of leather trench coats this season.

 •  Suede jacket

If you are looking forward to having a casual look, Suede jacket is the perfect choice for you. These types of jackets come in plain color and look quite intriguing as well as attractive in dark colors. Generally a suede jacket is lengthy enough to cover the area above your knees, but some modern styles cover only the area above your waist. You will find these leather jackets with a zip closure at the front, which looks quite good with the overall design. Furthermore, if you feel that your hands become cold, you can simply slide them into your suede jacket pockets and warm them up easily.

 •  Double breasted trench coat

Most of the trench coats which one could find today are made in the double breasted style. This style has become quite famous over the years and is still preferred by many. It contains a number of large buttons at the front for the closure of the coat. Nowadays, these buttons are also quite stylish and are made in various designs and of different materials. Most of these coats also comprise of large front pockets.

 •  Trench coats with single back vent

These coats are the ones which are made in a very simple style. They have large buttons at the front for the closure of the coat. The length of these types of coats is generally till one’s knees. This style is the best for those people who wish to have a simple and casual look.

 •  Long trench coats

Nowadays you might have seen a number of people wearing long trench coats. These trench coats cover a person much below the knees. In fact, the longest trench coat can cover you till your ankles. These coats look very attractive and give you a classy and fashionable look. In fact, they also tend to keep your whole body warm at all times. Moreover, if you are a fan of trench coats, you must try a long trench coat to realize how charming it looks on you.

 •  Trench coats with fur

These trench coats are quite famous this season due to their warm and cozy look. Mostly, one would find fur attached to the collars and sleeves of these leather trench coats. However, some new designs also feature fur lining all over the coat which looks quite amazing and gives a formidable look.